The Stevenson Experience – Mission Twinpossible

Verdict: 7/10 with some one-liners you just don’t want to miss.

Talented twins Ben and James Stevenson deliver musical genius in their new show, “Mission Twinpossible”, entertaining audiences with an hour of clever banter, wit, and song.

Their musical acts are what really drive them apart from the average stand-up comedian. Witty puns and wordplays are embedded into their tunes, with various versions designed for audience participation.

Everything is organised but may not always go to plan, and the boys take it in their stride to make further comedy from their “unprofessionalism” or inability to play the piano.

In fact, it’s the ordinary comedy banter that lets this show down. The Stevenson brothers wouldn’t be able to sustain a comedy performance if they relied solely on the wordplay around Dad jokes, sexual innuendo and the never-ending twin jokes, but thankfully these breaks are few and far between the hilarity contained in their musical acts.

Look out for renditions like James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful,” which is better than the original (admittedly, not a hard feat!), a musical lesson on “Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Girlfriend” (featuring transsexual and incestuous roleplaying), what really constitutes the “Perfect Woman” and an ingenious hip-hop take on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

Within the intimate space of Tony Starr’s Kitten Club, the audience are treated to a totally interactive show. Be warned, though, you don’t want to be seated close to the front or the back, lest you become the object of the Stevenson’s jokes.

Despite the brothers organising their own lighting, sound and ticket sales, the program runs quite smoothly and opportunities are given to talk to the comedians before and after the show.

For a Friday-night audience tired at the end of the working week, the Stevenson twins did a great job of easing everyone into the weekend. What’s more, Tony Starr’s is a licensed venue, so don’t forget to pop downstairs for a wee drink after the show.

“Pretty Girl” gives a taste of the musical-related humour these twins offer. But as funny as this is, it’s nothing compared to some of the other features of “Mission Twinpossible.”

View the original publication (3/4/11) on NewsHit.

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