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I like telling stories. Mostly they're my own, about cooking, reviewing, my portfolio or life. But my favourite stories are the ones for others. The stories about people who don't have a voice to tell their own. Those are the stories I truly love.

This week I learned about unlikely motivators

Every so often I stop to think about how productive I’ve been in all the goals I set myself earlier in the year, and realise I haven’t been acting on them.

Even more often someone says or does something that actually prompts me to remember them, meaning I’ve forgotten to do them in the first place.

This week was one of those weeks.


This month I learned about taking things for granted

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been on hiatus for a month. But just because I haven’t written, doesn’t mean I haven’t learned. And the most pressing lesson I’ve learned in that time is not to take things for granted.

Or even more accurately, to be grateful for everything you have.


This week I learned about procrastination

For all of those times a blog has opened with the phrase “we’ve all done it”, procrastination is universally understood.

Whether it’s doing the housework, homework or starting a big work project, many of us have strategically avoided the task at hand. Often our avoidances can be monotonous to waste the time, such as going on Facebook or watching television, while other times they’re more ambitious, such as deep cleaning your entire house or my favourite from a friend at work, procrasti-baking.

This week a quote from Marthe Troly-Curtin (and arguable several others) popped up in my newsfeed, and as I procrastinated finding an idea for today’s blog by reading and playing video games, it struck a chord:

“Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time.” 


This week I learned about ‘stuff’

In the past few weeks my partner and I have spoken a lot about moving out of our poor quality flat and into something a bit newer (and considerably less mouldy). With rental prices and area codes upping the price of several apartments we’ve looked at, a lot of the time our move would also involve downsizing from a two bedroom to a one bedroom flat. Despite deciding against the move, our search has taught us at least one valuable lesson.

We own a lot of crap.


This week I learned what I haven’t learned

This week I spent a day shadowing a reporter from my former workplace to develop my journalism skills. While I had been on interview pick-ups and to small events before, I was surprised by the amount of time that goes into waiting for a single story.

Every shot and grab you see in that minute and a half story on the nightly news has taken hours to collect. In this particular case of a fatal accident, we waited until every element of the story was complete; the police had returned to the crime scene, neighbours had described what happened and friends of the deceased had arrived to pay their respects.

I studied journalism at university and have worked in newsroom production for over two years, but the differences between what you learn in books and what you learn on the job are astounding.


This week I learned that, O.M.G like, the drama


  1. A play for theatre, radio or television
    1. Plays as a genre or style of literature
    2. The activity of acting
  2. An exciting, emotional or unexpected event or circumstance

It’s in our basic human nature to be attracted to drama, whether we act it, watch it or live it.


This week I learned about sacrifice

My post is late this week because I hosted my family for Mother’s Day last night and was so exhausted by the time I left I just went straight to bed.

After working all morning I went to the markets to buy the meat, had to find a fruit shop full of the essential herbs, spent three hours preparing food, over an hour cleaning and rearranging my flat, all before quickly jumping in the shower to make myself look presentable.

Yet the work still didn’t let up when my Mum, Dad and sister arrived, with me having to present the nibbles, cook the entree and dish up the mains while they were chatting in the other room (fortunately my sister made dessert).

Finally, after a long 17 hour day it was time to crawl into bed and leave the cleaning for today.

That was just one of my Sundays as a daughter.

This is every day as a mother – or as a father who has to do both jobs.


This week I learned about promises, promises

Australian politics has been a story of “he said, she said” this week with the realisation of Tony Abbott’s proposed deficit levy. After promises before the September election last year that he would not bring in a new tax, many people are angry at the proposal for a new one alongside a large amount of recommended cuts from the Commission of Audit.

But while they’re the most publicised broken promises, with some people referring to the deficit levy as Tony Abbott’s “Gillard moment”, politicians aren’t the only ones who don’t stick to their word.

We do it to ourselves every day.


This week I learned about etiquette and tradition

Etiquette (noun)a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as at a court or in official or other formal observances.

Whenever we talk about a formal occasion, whether it’s a conference, ANZAC ceremony or wedding, there’s a certain code of behaviour we adhere to. Listen to the boss, don’t fall asleep, don’t play Candy Crush; whatever it is these unspoken rules and regulations are what shape our behaviour as acceptable or inappropriate.


This week I learned about peer pressure

When we talk about peer pressure the most common instance we’re referring to is teenagers or tweens about to, no doubt, make poor life decisions. But peer pressure isn’t something that leaves us the moment we graduate from high school. Peer pressure follows us throughout our adult lives, and nothing makes it more prevalent than a holiday celebration.

Happy Easter.